Become a member at NYIC!

NYIC is a shop, collective, and a place for people to make physical projects come to life. We do share tools and resources and spend a lot of time observing and helping out with each others’ projects, but the shop itself is set up such that each Member has their own dedicated workbench/desk.

NYIC Membership Options

NYIC offers 3 membership options:

Type Workspace Tool Access Price
Workbench Workbench and storage area around it Full $745/month
Flex Full Shop Common tables and shop space Full $545/month
Flex Prototyping Common tables and shop space Electronics + prototyping $395/month

Workbenches start at $695/mo and includes access to all tools, the wood shop, and storage for tools and supplies, enabling long-term projects to develop without the hassle that a makerspace imposes.

Flex members can purchase storage space for projects or tools.

All memberships come with 24/7 building access.

Email us to schedule a tour and start building!