New York Industrial Collective

Think of all the things you can build here!

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The New York Industrial Collective (NYIC) is a shared workshop in Brooklyn, perfect for individuals and small teams making mechanical prototypes, selling consumer electronics, building wood projects, and generally maintaining an active shop practice.


If you’re working on physical projects in NYC, you know how hard it is to find an affordable, convenient workshop. NYIC is organized to be flexible, offering just the right amenities for you to build your business and sustain hobby time in a friendly, supportive environment.

While it resembles one in some ways, NYIC is not a makerspace. We do share tools and resources and spend a lot of time observing and helping out with each others’ projects, but the shop itself is set up such that each Member has their own dedicated workbench/desk.

NYIC also hosts a range of in-person events, including the NY Hardware Meetup, talks & tours by The New York Infrastructure Observatory, and periodic shop hangs.

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