The Electronics Area

The electrics area has everything needed for small electronics work. You’ll be able to do some minor rework on a PCBs, string together some LEDs, or profile the behavior of some ICs and circuitry.

Some quick notes and guidelines for using the electronics area:

  • Please keep the area clean and do not leave projects there overnight. Electronic parts can be small and therefore it’s easy for the area to get cluttered. Small components, wire shielding, etc. can easily be scattered around the area and on the ground. As with the rest of the shop, try to leave the space cleaner than you found it.
  • Read through the user manuals for each device below before using them. Some of these machines can be harmed if used incorrectly.
  • There’s a fan for solder smoke, please use it if doing any substantial amount of soldering.
  • Wear safety glasses. Solder splatters.
  • Return all cables to a wrapped or stored state when done using them.
  • Store components in labeled boxes.


  • Weller digital soldering iron
  • YITLUA 853D Power supply and SMD rework station
  • DC Power supply
  • A lot of heat shrink insulation
  • HP 34401A Multimeter
    • User Guide
  • Rigol DS1054 Oscilloscope